Utility Dog of the Year



  1. Competition is open to entrants of trials conducted by an ANKC Canine Council (e.g. DogsNSW).

    All entrants must be full time residents in New South Wales.

    Both Main and Associate Register dogs and bitches may compete for this Award.

  2. Qualification cards must be from Trials which are unrestricted, that is, they must be All Breeds Trials and not Breed or Group Trials. Cards may be from unrestricted Trials conducted by ANKC affiliates anywhere in Australia.
  3. Handlers may use the one judge twice and no more.

    For the purpose of this award trials must be between Saturday 30th September 2017 and Friday 28th September 2018 inclusive.

  4. Original Qualifying cards and a completed prescribed form with the scores added must be handed in to the Scorer, Ms J Kaldor (or nominee)   by 1pm on Saturday 29th September 2018 .

    Cards are to be collected at the conclusion of the presentation.

  5. The handler who has submitted up to seven (7) original qualifying cards and who has the highest aggregate score (maximum 1400 points) will be declared the winner.
  6. If two or more handlers submit qualifying cards totaling the same figure, the ultimate winner will be decided as follows:
    • The one who has the highest score in any of the 7 trials
    • If both are still the same, the highest scores will be added together until there is an outright winner.
  7. There are no entry fees.
  8. If a dog is entered in two events at the one Trial, the competitor can only submit one qualifying card, not two. The competitor can, however, enter another trial that afternoon or evening and submit another card.
  9. The trophy will be presented at the NSW Obedience State Titles on Monday 1st October 2018 .