Perpetual Trophies

PLEASE NOTE:  Awards of Excellence & Perpetual Trophies will not be awarded in 2020.

Qualification cards from unrestricted Trials conducted by ANKC affiliates anywhere in Australia may be submitted for Awards of Excellence (Utility and Utility Excellent) and for Perpetual Trophies.

Qualification cards must be from All Breeds Trials and not Breed or Group Trials.

All entrants for Awards of Excellence and for Perpetual Trophies must be full time residents in New South Wales.

Qualification cards used for Utility and Utility Excellent Awards of Excellence may also be used for a Perpetual Trophy.

A qualification card may only be used for a single Perpetual Trophy


Awards of Excellence: Please notify the Trial Secretary at on the required entry form by no later than Wednesday 25th September 2019 if eligible, otherwise award cannot be presented.

All applications for Perpetual Awards MUST be lodged with the Scorer (or nominee) Ms J Kaldor (or nominee) by 1pm on Saturday 5th October 2019 .