Jack Lotzkes Award

Competition is open to all Main, Limited, Associate and Sporting Register dogs and bitches in the Open Class.

The awards are competed for over the State Titles Weekend, which encompasses the trial conducted by Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club held on Saturday 3rd October 2020 , the trial conducted by Penrith Kennel and Obedience Club held on Sunday 4th October 2020 and the NSW Obedience State Titles held on Monday 5th October 2020.

Handlers must enter all three trials to be eligible for this award.

The winner will be the Utility dog and handler team which qualifies at all three trials and which has the highest total aggregate score.

Should there be no dog/bitch which gains 3 qualifying scores in the Utility class, then a dog/bitch will require 2 Open and 2 Utility qualifying scores to be eligible.

If the conditions in the first two instances cannot be met to determine a winner, then a dog/bitch will require 3 qualifying scores in the Open Class of 185 points or more.

In the event of a tied score the dog with the highest qualifying score from the NSW Obedience State Titles on Monday 5th October 2020 will be declared the winner.

If the competitors are still tied, the next highest score will be used and so on until the tie is resolved.

There are no entry forms, all eligible dogs are deemed to have entered.

There are no entry fees.