Download State Titles Catalogue 2018

The 2018 NSW Obedience State Titles will be held on Monday 1st October 2018 .

There will be three obedience trials held in conjunction over the State Titles weekend:

Saturday 29th September 2018: Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club
Sunday 30th September 2018: Penrith Kennel and Obedience Club
Monday 1st October 2018: NSW State Obedience Titles
Rally O classes will be included in the trials on Sunday 30th September 2018 and Monday 1st October 2018 .

Competitors are advised that Height Cards will be required for viewing at Check in for the State Titles. Measuring of dogs height will be available at the State Titles. Competitors are required to produce the dogs Registration Number, Date of Birth and Registered name to complete Height Card on the day.

Awards and trophies

Qualification cards from unrestricted Trials conducted by ANKC affiliates anywhere in Australia may be submitted for Awards of Excellence (Utility and Utility Excellent) and for Perpetual Trophies. Cards must be from All Breeds Trials and not Breed or Group Trials. All entrants must be full time residents in New South Wales.


Please notify the Trial Secretary at euraidd@bigpond.net.au on the required entry form by Wednesday 19th September 2018 if eligible, otherwise award cannot be presented.


All applications for Perpetual Awards MUST be lodged with the Scorer (or nominee) Ms J Kaldor (or nominee) by 1pm on Saturday 29th September 2018 .
Details of all awards and perpetual trophies are available by clicking on relevant links on right or below.

Please note the trials over the state titles weekend are three separate trials, so separate entries are required.

Competitors must enter all three trials to be eligible for NSW State Titles Medallions.

Entries for the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club trial ( Saturday 29th September 2018 ) must be sent to the Trial Secretary for that trial

Entries for the Penrith Kennel and Obedience Club trial ( Sunday 30th September 2018 ) must be sent to the Trial Secretary for that trial

Following a directive from DOGS NSW, only 25 entries can be accepted for the Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs. Entries can be either for the Open or Novice class.

Competitors should be aware that any entry sent on an Agility entry form will be returned and should note the directive from DOGS NSW in the Gazette August 2012 Page 5 under Obedience Competitors & Club Secretaries on the necessity for appropriate forms and not photocopies.